E-Learning – The Wave of the Future for Travel Agents

By: Lisa Coleman

If you’ve been around the travel industry at all over the last decade, you’ve certainly
seen a change. Prior to the Internet, travel agents were the definitive source for travel.
Now, with the endless information on the web, agents are fighting to survive. But, for those who are going strong, education is the key. Destination Ventures, founded in 1991 by Greg and Jane Custer, is revolutionizing the way travel agents learn about Mexico.

Destination Ventures is a full service destination marketing firm whose name has become
synonymous with “selling Mexico.” For the past 16 years, DV has worked with the Mexican government to educate agents across the US and Canada about all there is to offer to their clients looking to visit south of the border. Their live educational seminars have brought them unprecedented success, but they were always looking for a better way to reach their audience.

Online “E-Learning” programs are revolutionary for travel agents.  DV has designed
interactive, content rich, customized programs for a number of destinations in Mexico.
Greg Custer remarks, “We believe the key to a “fluent” travel industry is to provide
learning experiences which are available on demand 24/7. The interactivity ensures
learners are engaged in the information, making the message even more effective.”
Check out www.destinationventures.com to see the hottest trend in travel education.