Eight New Nature Reserves in Mexico

Mexico City

•    Semarnat director declares that Federal Government’s commitment is not restricted to increasing these schemes but also includes ensuring their maintenance.
•    Mexico currently has 166 federal nature reserves.
On the subject of the conservation of Natural Protected Areas, Environment and Natural Resource Secretary Juan Rafael Elvira Quesada declared that the decree establishing eight new Nature Reserves, covering an area of 1,109,639 ha, has enabled Federal Government to meet 37% of its goal for this administration.
He said that Mexico currently has 166 federal nature reserves, accounting for over 23.1 million ha, in other words, nearly 12% of national territory, placing Mexico at the forefront of Latin America in the care and promotion of nature reserves.
He stressed that President Felipe Calderón’s government is not only committed to increasing the number of Nature Reserves in the country but also to ensuring that all of them have a management plan and sufficient resources for their optimal operation, since there is no point in establishing these areas and then abandoning them due to lack of resources, as happens in Central America and Asia and even in the state of California in the U.S.
He explained that mechanisms are being promoted in Mexico that will help maintain these areas, such as payment for environmental services, which in addition to ensuring conservation, constitutes a source of income that will improve the living standards of those resident in these areas.
Elvira Quesada explained that as part of its conservation tasks, Semarnat is working on programs to protect endangered species, in conjunction with the National Commission of Nature Reserves (CONANP), organized civil society, academics, functionaries from various government sectors and organizations, private enterprise and communities.
Another important aspect Elvira Quesada highlighted was the agreement to create the Inter-Secretarial Commission for the Sustainable Management of Seas and Coasts (June 13, 2008) that will coordinate the environmental arrangement of these territorial spaces, in order to ensure their permanence and the sustainable use of their natural resources.
Source: Media and Communications Office. Information Department. Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT).