Employment Growth in Mexico the Highest in 17 Years

Calderon economy

President Felipe Calderón reported that 92.405 new jobs were created in April, making a total of 382,000 new jobs registered in the Social Security Institute during the first four months of this year. “Let us put it into perspective. These nearly 382,000 net new jobs represent the greatest increase in job creation in Mexico in any four-month period over the past 17 years.

“There is no better way of feeling the economic recovery, which is our current objective, not only through the increase in positive economic figures but by allowing this recovery to be felt in Mexicans’ pockets. There is no better way of seeing this recovery reflected in the income of more Mexican families. That is why the President declared that despite adversity, Mexico is pulling through and advancing along the path to economic recovery. Nowadays Mexico is stronger than ever and our economy is better positioned to take advantage of the growing global recovery,” he said.

During the Closing Ceremony of the Ordinary General Assembly of the Business Coordination Council, the President said that the business sector has been a key player in changes in the country, which is why he urged them to continue with their joint work and not to give up until they achieve the results Mexicans need. He said that Federal Government will repay their support and confidence with concrete, tangible actions to boost Mexico’s competitiveness. “We will redouble efforts to maintain and reinforce economic stability, to provide the legal certainty and security being legitimately demanded and to continue to promote the underlying transformations our beloved Mexico requires,” he said. A propos of this, he said that the right decisions have been made to deal with the problems the country is facing and that Mexico enjoys the confidence of investors and the markets. “Today we can say that we did the right thing and that thanks to the fact that we planted seeds at difficult times, we can begin to harvest the fruits of our labor,” he explained.