Essential to Transform Society’s Culture to Eliminate Violence against Women: President Calderón

Women ViolenceMexico D.F.- During the Commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, President Felipe Calderón repeated Federal Government’s commitment to building a fairer, more just Mexico than ever and one that is free of gender violence.

That is why, he said, it is essential to overhaul the culture of Mexican society and attack its causes.

“We must eradicate the idea that women are second-class citizens and therefore lack all or any of the rights, as some people still think. Our main task should not only be to severely sanction gender violence but also eradicate the socio-cultural causes that encourage and permit it,” he said.

Accompanied by his wife, Margarita Zavala and activists and functionaries associated with the issue, the Mexican president reported that during his administration, the budget assigned to the national policy to ensure equality and combat violence against women rose from $2.5 billion pesos to over $10.6 billion pesos in the 2010 budget.

“You know you can count on the President and we are redoubling efforts to guarantee security, particularly for women,” added the President in the Adolfo López Mateos Hall of the official Los Pinos residence.

He remarked that the reason why the National Commission for the Prevention and Eradication of Violence designed the Juárez Intervention Project is so that the three levels of government will join forces to deal with these issues that not only produce violence and a lack of safety on the streets but particularly violence against women, and to promote citizens’ participation.

“A lot remains to be done, but I know that the path we must follow will not only require complying with the law but also transforming the culture of our society, which must begin with a transformation of the culture of federal, state and municipal governors, and of mayors, governors and the president,” he said.