Everything Remains The Same

By Lola

Talk about a “good ol’ boys” network. Talk about gross coverups. Talk about disgusting. Some of you might remember the brouhaha that ensued back in late 2005 when Mexican journalist Lydia Cacho exposed the sexual goings-on (of a pedophilic nature, no less) perpetrated by a group of politicians and businessmen. Basically, she got thrown in jail (briefly) and charged with libel for writing that these men were having indigent girls sent to their homes to satisfy their base appetites.

Well, this week the Supreme Court ruled on charges that the governor of Puebla, one of the gang, had conspired against her and had her jailed. There was proof in the form of a taped discussion of between the governor, the “honorable” Mario Marin, and a friend of Cancun businessman Jean Succar Kuri (also implicated in the traffic of young girls for pleasure) plotting to do just that. What more did the court need? Apparently, a LOT more. They actually found there was “insufficient proof” and dropped the case.

SICK. SICK. SICK. Which only goes to prove that the toppling of the PRI did absolutely nothing in the way of dealing with corruption and general depravity in the government and amongst those with power. Everything remains the same.

I am embarrassed and mortified with my fellow countrymen. Of course, not all government functionaries and rich folk are cut from the same cloth, but this is beyond the pale.

I guess young girls don’t qualify as “abused women” — I’m referring to the supposed commitment by the government to hand over millions to help support the cause (see “Mexico to spend nearly $4 bln to tackle violence against women” post). The news, by the way, wasn’t outrageous enough to merit a mention on CNN, as opposed to the fact that Wayne Newton was bullied by Johnny Carson. Ugh.

Read it and weep:

Mexico’s Supreme Court finds insufficient proof that governor conspired against journalist