Expat Seniors’ Benefits In Mexico

By David Simmonds

You say you can’t possibly consider spending your retirement in Mexico because you would miss the geezer dinner specials at the local Denny’s? Well, listen up old amigos, Mexico has a program just for you…as long as you have a valid residence visa and are age 60 or over. No, you don’t get three street tacos for the price of two or free Viagra for life, but the money saved is impressive for various services. Included in the program are discounts to various cultural activities including archaeological sites, theaters and museums; substantial savings on hospitals, pharmacies, dentists and doctors; travel costs like car rentals, airline tickets and hotel accommodations. The government agency that runs the program is INAPAM, or Instituto Nacional de las Personas Adultas Mayores. You need to go to one of their offices to apply for your card. They have a web site, only in Spanish, at http://www.inapam.gob.mx

And if you are still pining for that Denny’s breakfast special, IHOP’s is a lot better.