Farewell to Pot Holes?

By: Lisa Coleman
You may have heard that driving in Mexico is dangerous. Maybe yes, maybe no, but hey, has anyone ever told you how awesome the highways are? Probably not. I live in Arizona where about half the time a freeway or two are torn up, making sure our tax dollars are hard at work.

Having driven all around Mexico,including some obscure stretches of highway between Tabasco and Chiapas, I can tell you with certainty the at least some of the transporation monies have been spent in the right place. But there is plenty more to be done.

It wasn’t too many years ago that it took six hours to drive from Mexico to Acapulco…Today, that same trip takes just three. The new toll roads woven throughout the country are clean, well maintained and as slick as any in the US. As Mexico has grown economically, they have been forced to invest in their transportation infrastructure. If you have been a frequent visitor to Mexico, you know the airports could use some work too. Well, finally,things are starting to happen.

Mexico is just beginning a $37 billion transportation facelift. They plan to build three new airports and improve thousands of miles of highway. According to Reuters, President Felipe Calderón said airports would be built at the growing tourist regions at the Sea of Cortes and Ensenada on the Pacific, and at the Riviera Maya, south of the Caribbean resort of  Cancun. Another 31 airports will be expanded, including those at Cancun and Toluca, an industrial city close to Mexico City. (Keep in mind that private aircraft cannot land in Mexico City, so they head to Toluca, now one of the busiest airports in the world.)

This will be the firse major investment in Mexico’s roads in 12 years. So, you drivers can smile! Hopefully those jaw jarring pot holes will soon be a thing of the past. For more info, read http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/mexico/20070718-1315-mexico-economy-infrastructure.html.

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