Federal Government Promotes Development without Damaging the Environment

During his inauguration of the Mexican Ecological Parks Wind Energy Station, in the Ejido de la Ventosa, in the Municipality of Juchitán de Zaragoza, Oaxaca, which will generate electricity by using the wind, President Felipe Calderón declared that it is possible to respect the environment while making people prosperous.
“Works such as this prove that it is possible to find ways of reconciling man with nature.”
Accompanied by Energy Secretary Georgina Kessel Martínez and Governor of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, President Calderón declared that the solution lies in alternative energy sources.
“Renewable energy, which does not get used up, since one day oil might even get used up,” he added.
He stated that once the works being produced in La Ventosa have been completed, using only the wind and without burning a drop of oil it will be possible to generate as much electricity as that produced in Chiapas through the Chicoaseén, Malpaso and Peñitas dams.
“We are generating electricity to enable people to live better, so that firms can produce more in order to create jobs, and in order for there to be projects that blend in with the lifestyles of those living here and benefit them in the form of income or through their association with these projects which are so important for the future of Mexico,” he said.
On the subject of the refinery to be built by PEMEX, he explained:
“I have instructed Petróleos Mexicanos to analyze the viability of these projects and their profitability and to analyze them in keeping with the sustainable human development project I have put forward as President, which will analyze economic aspects. This aspect is crucial because oil belongs to all Mexicans but it is also important to analyze the social aspect and the impact on development a project of this size must have.”
The President said that projects such as the Mexican Ecological Parks Wind Energy Station prevent resources from being taken away from education and health.  
A propos of this, President Felipe Calderón declared:
“Each of these windmills will cost over $20 million pesos each. If government had to produce them, we would have to stop spending on many other things Oaxaca needs which means that since we can permit these projects that generate electricity, we will also be able to spend on things the people of Oaxaca need.”