Federal Government to Provide More Support for Tourism

MP Mexico News Staff

Mexico City – At the closure of the 8th International Tourism Congress, President Calderón declared that given the current worldwide economic downturn, tourism must become one of the key engines for maintaining the country’s economic growth.
The President told an audience of businessmen in the tourist industry that nowadays, it is crucial to boost links between government, the business sector and citizens, in order to consolidate Mexico as one of the world’s main tourist destinations.
The President declared that his government will provide more support for strategic sectors of the economy, particularly tourism. An example of this, he said, is that for 2009, the budget for this sector totals over $4.3 billion pesos, 30% over this year’s record budget.
He stated that there are three factors that will play a key role in Mexican tourism next year: The first is that many Mexican tourist resorts may replace more expensive world destinations which may be eschewed due to the difficult economic situation.
The second is Mexico’s favorable exchange rate, which will make several tourist destinations in Mexico cheaper for foreign tourists while the third is the significant reduction in transport costs, which constituted a bottleneck for domestic tourism.
“Beyond the turbulence, what we need to do is to keep the country on course, and have a clear view of the future, which will enable us to pull through.” And that is exactly what Federal Government is doing, which is what I would urge the private sector and other organizations and levels of government in Mexico to do over the coming months,” he declared.
The president stated that Federal Government will not rest and that it will do everything in its power to prevent the effects of a worldwide economic downturn, which on this occasion, was not caused by developing countries, from having an impact on and reducing Mexicans’ quality of life.
He ended by saying that Government will continuously monitor the development of economic indicators and implement the necessary contracyclical policy measures to boost economic activity, and that it will act in a timely, decisive fashion to undertake actions to benefit Mexico’s productive sector.