Firsthand Account: Mexico is Safe (As Long As You’re Not a Narco)

By Lola

Nope, I’m not talking about myself (for once): I am neither in Mexico at the moment (wah!), nor am I a narco.

However, I did just read a great firsthand account of somebody who is actually there as we “speak”: prolific writer Karen Catchpole. Karen has embarked on a marvelous road-trip she and her media naranja, photographer Eric Mohl, call the Trans-Americas Journey. To say I’m jealous of what they’re up to is a gross understatement, but that won’t prevent me from cheering them on and wishing them an amazing viaje.

Anyway, the point is: she’s been traveling through Mexico—pretty much from one end to the other—since December, and in her own words, “I can address the safety question by telling you that dozens of the country’s beaches, towns, cities, attractions, restaurants, spas, hotels and resorts that I’ve visited have proven to be 100% incident free.”

I wholeheartedly invite you to read her excellent take on the situation in Mexico in her post at titled “Safety First: Vamos a México!” It’s a fantastic look at travel in Mexico from the point of view of a blonde gringa with an open mind, a fine talent and a wonderfully adventurous spirit.

She also gives a great shout-out to Mexico Boutique Hotels. In my opinion, these guys are the best around at finding and vetting marvelous little places that truly offer a sense of place. I wrote about one a while back—Casa de Mita. Still think they rock. MBH has added a few new gems to their line-up, so feel free to look around.

Is Mexico dangerous? Yes, if you are careless. Is is still a fantastic place to visit and a place where you might find the meaning of vivir tu vida? Yes, I firmly believe so.

So c’mon. Explore. Enjoy. And create some magic of your own in Mexico (jeez, I sound better than their ad campaign). Ha!

Yes, it's Casa de Mita. So I'm biased. Sue me.
Yes, it's Casa de Mita. So I'm biased. Sue me.