Five or Six Questions about Mexico Tourism

By Ron Mader

This week the Tianguis TurĂ­stico returns to sunny Acapulco. While I am not participating in person, I will be paying attention to the event thanks to Mexico Premiere.

Here are a few questions I’d like to ask tourism officials. Answers posted as responses to this post are much appreciated.

Will the Tianguis Turistico be documented via Flickr or YouTube?

Like many other journalists, I am opting to receive media releases online, but not via email. Are state or national tourism news feeds available via RSS?

As a two-time winner of the Lente de Plata I was surprised to see the award disappear this year. Are there plans to revive the Lente and Pluma de Plata Awards next year or develop other awards?

Are statistics available that document national and internation tourism revenue in Mexico?

Many countries are implementing programs to connect tourism and climate change. Is Mexico conducting research in this field? Are there action plans to combat climate change in the field of tourism?

One thought on “Five or Six Questions about Mexico Tourism”

  1. Ron: regarding video coverage of Tianguis, I’ve found that the site for Calderon has a video of his closing ceremony speech. This link is and is has an ongoing relay of Calderon actions and agenday coverage. Very politico but appreciated for its attempt at transparency. Can you imagine earlier presidents sharing their schedule with the masses?


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