Washington, D.C., August 30th 2008. – Mexico is excited to bring a complete journey to honor Mexico’s culture, travel destinations, cuisine, music, traditions and more.  The Embassy of Mexico, in conjunction with the Mexico Tourism Board and the Mexican Cultural Institute and the Mexican Ministry of Agriculture, will host A Taste of Mexico in D.C., an authentic journey through the flavors of Mexico’s colorful and vast culture. Also, enjoy modern Mexican music in a concert series brought to you by Mexico Tourism and National Geographic Traveler magazine. From September 6th to 12th, residents of D.C. will have the opportunity to experience and enjoy Mexico’s uniqueness with a variety of activities.  


Mexico has so much to offer, a geographical diversity that varies from region to region, different climates and bordering oceans that gives a wide range of travel destinations, cultural heritage, food and flavors. But overall, it is the rich culinary tradition of Mexico that gives to people around the world the chance to have a taste of the Mexican culture as a whole. For that reason, A Taste of Mexico in D.C is perfect for those who are looking for new cultural experiences. 

“We are delighted to bring A Taste of Mexico to Washington, D.C. collaborating with fantastic local restaurants and culinary experts joining us from Mexico. This journey through travel destinations, culture, gastronomy, music and history will be a benchmark for Mexico’s presence within the US. We are confident that this experience will allow Washingtonians to have a better perspective of what the Mexican culture is comprised of”, said Mexico’s Ambassador to the United States, Arturo Sarukhan.

On September 6th, A Taste of Mexico in D.C. kicks off with an Open House at the Mexican Cultural Institute. This day-long program will give guests the opportunity to have a better taste of Mexican products and travel destinations. Visitors will know why corn is so commonly used in the Mexican cuisine, how Mexican chiles, salsas and guacamole can be prepared. Also, they will learn about the traditional chocolate beverage, the wide variety of Mexican wines as well as the origins of Tequila and Mezcal. Special demonstrations, tasting sessions, lectures and a temporary exhibition of Mexican artist Ricardo Mazal will be available too. Admission is free.


A full agenda of events to celebrate Mexico will take place in the following order:


  • September 7th
    • Mexican Chocolate Day at Rosa Mexicano will dedicate a special menu based on Mexican Chocolate.


  • September 8th
    •  Yucatan Day at Zengo will bring Yucatan’s very own Chef Beatriz Peralta to join Chef Graham Bartlett with a special menu made according to the traditions of Yucatecan cuisine


  • September 9th  
    • Puebla Day at Oyamel will include a special antojitos menu with typical Pueblan cuisine made in collaboration with the well known Mexican Chef Susanna Palazuelos and local Chef Joe Raffa.
    • National Geographic Traveler, the Mexico Tourism Board and the Mexican Cultural Institute will host a special concert event featuring Julieta Venegas. The winner of one Grammy Award and two Latin Grammys will perform at the Kennedy Center at 6:00pm. Admission is free.


  • September 10th,
    • Oaxaca Day at Casa Oaxaca to present a special menu prepared by Master Chef Alfio and the special participation of Mexican Chef Carmelita Rosete from the State of Oaxaca.
    • For the first time in Washington, D.C. the Authentic Flavors of Mexico Foundation will present a special recognition to 10 Mexican Restaurants of the D.C. area that include typically Mexican recipes and ingredients and use products originating from Mexico. Menu designed by Roberto Santibañez for a private event at the Mexican Cultural Institute.


  • September 11th
    • Mexican Table featuring Michoacán day. Join Mexican cooking instructor Patricia Jinich for a delightful Mexican night as she explores the gastronomy of the state of Michoacán through a live cooking demonstration at the Mexican Cultural Institute. Limited space and admission cost $75/$70 for Members of the Mexican Cultural Institute


  • September 12th
    •  Puerto Vallarta Day at Mio.  Puerto Vallarta Day at Mio. Enjoy a taste of Puerto Vallarta with Chef Santiago Perez, who will bring some specials from the Pacific Ocean region.


    • National Geographic Traveler and the Mexico Tourism Board will host a special concert event featuring legendary East LA rockers Los Lobos and NYC quartet Pistolera at the Birchmere Theater. Admission cost $49.50


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*The restaurants will keep the special menu throughout the week.