Gracias, Andy! We Loved the Ride

By: Lisa Coleman

It was Acapulco, it was late… we were at a party far, far away…outside the city. The huge Mariachi cocktail extravaganza hosted by the state of Jalisco was ending and there wasn’t room on the press bus. Is this sounding biblical? Anyway, and not a taxi in site… There were five of us.  (Names will be withheld to protect the innocent.) It was becoming increasingly obvious we may be stranded. We needed food. Not just any food, but those late night tacos at a groovy little place on the Costera with plastic tables and serves until 3:00 AM. Safe to say we didn’t need any additional margaritas!

Then, we spot it… the disco bus (as we like to call it). It may have been a stretch Hummer, it may have been a stretch van, but I know it was something stretched. The windows were blacked out. One of our fearless cohorts dashed to the vehicle. “There are five of us,” he pleads. “Can you take us?” “Sure,” says our host with a big smile and in we hop. 

At this juncture it’s key to point out we didn’t ask “where” the disco bus was going. And, quite frankly, didn’t care. As long as we were going in the general direction of Acapulco, all was well. Also important to note we have no idea who anyone is in the disco bus, no idea who is running the disco bus, and quickly realizing none of that mattered either. Beers were served, the flat screen TV and zillion dollar stereo system were cranked to their highest. Videos in HD had us all “rockin out” as we used to say in college. Once in awhile one of my partners would yell “everything is gonna be awright” (which were lyrics to one of the songs on the video, yet he was painfully out of sync with music and it was so loud he truly believed he was singing!) In the meantime we were all laughing and singing and repeatedly asking “who are these guys?” 

And then it hit me… THIS is why I love Mexico. Yep, memories like our evening on the “disco bus.” This is why we come here. Our Mexican friends already in the bus had welcomed us with open arms and dancing. We never knew their names, but we did indeed know they were friends. That’s Mexico to me. The warmth, the fun, the laughter and the moments that will always bring me back.

So the disco bus dropped us off near some taxis and we were able to get a ride into town. With all five of us in one small taxi (only in Mexico by the way!)  we talked all the way back about our little adventure. The tacos were extraordinary, the experience even better. But we still wondered… “Who are these guys and where did the disco bus come from?”

Turns out I grabbed a business card from our host as we stepped off the bus… The card says PV Event Group, Andy Boggeri, Director.  “Clubs, Parties, Spring Break, Summer Break, Incentives & Weddings.” Looks like our friend Andy lives in both Puerto Vallarta and Minneapolis.  I’m not sure if the disco bus belongs to Andy or not, but if you are ever in Vallarta and need transportation, I think he’s your guy. All I can say is “Gracias, Andy!  It was a great ride!  Thanks for taking such good care of us… you made our trip very special!” 

If you’re going to Puerto Vallarta, you can reach Andy from US and Canada  at 510-919-1074 and in Mexico at 322-138-9644. His email is