Great Bass Fishing in Mexico

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Every year, more and more people are becoming interested in the whole bass fishing, whether as a sport, or simply as an activity that they can share with their family and friends. With this growing interest in bass fishing, more and more areas of the world are being explored by beginner and professional bass anglers alike, hoping that they would find a great spot where they can enjoy the bass-rich bass fishing lakes. One particular part of the world that has bass-rich waters is a place just south of the border called Mexico.

There have been a lot of talks about how rich and wealthy with bass fishes the waters and lakes of Mexico are which is probably why a lot of people are interested in visiting its waters and lakes. If you are a bass angler looking for some adventure, then Mexico should probably be in one of your list to go to. Here are a couple of places that you should know in order to make the most out of your bass fishing trip around the world.

Lake El Santo

One of the four greatest black bass lakes in the world, Lake El Santo should definitely be one of the bass fishing destinations that you must visit when you are visiting Mexico. This is actually one of four lakes that is positioned on the Western side of the Mexican coast. Although this particular lake is associated with the other three great black bass lakes, each one of these lakes actually differ in the amount of black bass that are residing in them. The younger and newer the lakes are, the more number of black bass are present. However, the sizes of those black bass fishes are not as large as those which are located in the older lakes. In this particular lake, however, the black bass are relatively larger in size.

Lake Agua Milpa

Lake Agua Milpa, which is another one of the great four black bass lakes in Mexico, is known to have a considerable number of black bass in its waters, which means that it is one of the newer and younger lakes. Although the black bass in this particular lake are numerous, their size is not that large, unfortunately.

Lake Huites

Lake Huites, which is also another of the great four black bass lakes in Mexico, is believed to contain not just a lot of black bass in its waters, but are known to contain black bass that are relatively large in size as well. This is probably one of the lakes that you might consider visiting, especially if you want to be able to catch a lot of decent sized fish.

Lake Baccarac

Lake Baccarac is the last of the four great black bass lakes in Mexico, and has some of the larger-sized bass fishes in its waters. Taking a trip in this lake and doing some bass fishing can be a dream come true for you, especially if you can snag one that is relatively larger in size.

Lake Guerrero

Lake Guerrero is actually one of the two great lakes that are situated on the East side of Mexico, and is actually perfect for bass fishing, as its waters hold some pretty decent-sized bass fishes, and are actually a bit large in number as well. Some of the bass caught here even reached over 10 lbs. in weight, something that is definitely worth noting.

Lake El Cuchillo

Lake El Cuchillo is actually located about 100 miles from the Mexican/Texan Border, and is reported to have produced some pretty amazing bass catches. These notable bass catches could be a direct result of Mexico’s excellent growing weather, which actually extends the growing period for most bass fishes, thereby allowing them to grow more for longer. Also, since Mexico has a very low fishing pressure, there is actually no abuse of bass fishing in their lakes, ensuring that the bass population in these lakes can continue to grow into a much larger size, as well as continue to increase in their numbers as well. It is a rare site that you will see over 50 bass fishing boats at a time in the bass fishing lakes of Mexico, something which other bass-rich countries, like the U.S., is not able to monitor and control.