Great Photogaphy by Dan Millington

David Simmonds

Dan is a good friend of Mexico Premiere and a long-time fan of Mexico. He photographs Mexico with an eye towards capturing the beauty of the land and its people, so I thought it would be a good time to show some of that here, at a time that Mexico is suffering some very bad, and mostly unwarranted press.


We hope that the images that we will post here this weekend will remind each of you that Mexico needs our good wishes, support…and our travel dollars. We have friends who live throughout Mexico who feel as safe today as they every have. It is a huge country and there are areas to avoid for now. But the vast majority is still the same place we have always known and loved.

Cabo Pulmo – East Cape Baja

Metropolitano Cathedral Oaxaca


Mayan Palace at Palenque


Monte Alban - Oaxaca