Greener Pastures: Mexico and Al Gore Unite

MP Staff

According to the Spanish news group EFE, Mexico is joining forces with Brazil, Chile and Argentina to embrace Gore’s Climate Project in 2008.

Juan Verde, director of the Spanish office of the Climate Project, made the announcement as he prepared to take part in the first Spanish Leader’s Summit on Climate Change, which will take place October 26-28. This is the fourth such summit, following in the footsteps of the United States, Great Britain and Australia. It is also the first of its kind aimed at a Hispanic audience.

Some 200 people will participate in the Summit, chosen from among more than two thousand aspiring presenters. They will receive instruction on climate change and will pledge to spread the word with no expectation of monetary gain.

The director of Spain’s Climate Project explained that the movement will propose “at least” four more encounters to create new leaders in Latin America.

“Our intention is to develop this project throughout Latin America and we are already in advanced negotiations with different activist groups and private foundations in order to coordinate these events,” he added.

Verde emphasized that both Latin America and Africa play a very important part in climate change because they are “very affected” by this menace, which could potentially compromise their future.

He pointed out that the American continent suffers bigger and more serious natural catastrophes with each passing year, events that have a direct impact on economic and social development.

“There is a direct link between climate change and cultural and economic development in these countries, places that can contribute significant solutions to this problem,” he said.

He continued by saying that Latin America can become the ideal backdrop for the development of useful technologies to counteract climate change, such as renewable energy sources, which avoid the investment in polluting infrastructures that have either been forbidden or cast aside by developed countries.