Higher Education Budget has Risen by 40 Per Cent

Calderon Education

Mexico City.- President Felipe Calderón declared that, with the support and commitment of Congress, since the start of his government, the higher education budget in Mexico has risen by 40%, the highest increase in this area in many years. In particular, he said, when he led the 2010 Lázaro Cárdenas Prize Giving Ceremony, this year, the Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN) has a budget of over 10 billion pesos this year, a 10% increase over the amount it received last year.

Accompanied by Public Education Secretary Alonso Lujambio Irazábal, and IPN Director General Yoloxóchitl Bustamante Díaz, he indicated that this has helped increased the IPN’s coverage, improve teaching quality and promote its researchers’ scientific and technological projects. “We are convinced that for Mexico to be successful, research and quality in technical education must be promoted,” he declared. At the Adolfo López Mateos Hall of the official residence, he mentioned that investment in research rose from 33 billion pesos in 2006 to over 44 billion pesos in 2010, an increase of over 32%. On the subject of the IPN, he said.

“I know that this Institution has been faithful to the aims that inspired its creation; that it has been faithful to the mission of training the top-level technicians and professionals demanded by national development and that it opens the door to the personal development of thousands of young people who, because of their socio-economic conditions, would not have the opportunity to get ahead, if it were not for the Polytechnic. “I know that engineers from this Institute have designed, and built many of the bridges, roads and means for technological progress in the country. Researchers and scientists from the Institute have been behind many of the great scientific advances of our nation.”

On the other hand, he added that, “The students and graduates from the Institute have promoted outstanding, innovative technology projects. Proud members of this community have made many of the brilliant contributions to knowledge in this country. Much of what we have today, much of what we have achieved as a nation is due to the National Polytechnic. That is why it is a source of pride to all Mexicans.”

He said that the main national problems reveal the need to continue collaborating in their solution from the point of view of technological research. In this respect, he noted: “I was talking to Roberto, another prize winner, on the rostrum about the fact that his project, designed to apply face identification technology, is perhaps the type of project that can best promote quality in guaranteeing the public security the country so needs because we must beat criminals in Mexico with technology, not just force.” He explained that, “Technology is precisely the tool that defines where battles are won or lost. And I am sure we are going to win this battle but we will only be able to do so if we take advantage of the technology developed, among other places, at the National Polytechnic.”