House Sitting In Mexico

David Simmonds

 I am often asked by people “where should I live in Mexico…what’s the best place?” And, of course, the answer must be “How the hell do I know where you would like best.” Do you like the beach (oddly, some people don’t), or desert, jungle or mountains? Are you a big city person or a village dweller? You want a flush toilet or will you be hiding out from the feds on a felony charge, meaning you might want something where the locals speak a dialect that pre-dates Cortez?

Anway, once we narrow that down I always suggest that they spend a few months in a place before deciding to buy property, especially in the tropics where hurricanes and giant bugs like to summer. And they’re thinking, why would I spend all that rent money when it could be applied towards my dream house purchase? Good question.

Well, now there is an answer for that. A friend has just told me about this web site For just $20.00 per year (increasing to $30.00 on March 31) you can register to announce your availability to house sit. There is also a free-to-register section for homeowners seeking house sitters, where there are presently opportunities in Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende, to name but a few popular expat havens. And what responsibilities are involved? Generally, nothing too demanding. There might be pets to feed, plants to keep alive, and you might be asked to pay utilities and discourage a famliy of iguanas from nesting in the kitchen. Above all, the homeowners like their place to look lived in to discourage vandalism.

So, take a look at the web site, and if you negotiate a deal let us know how it goes.