I Need A Vacation or Why I Want Marc Lindskog To Adopt Me

By Lola

Hellooooo! It’s one of those days… sick kid, it’s cold outside (albeit beautiful), I’m stuck inside, I’ve been working TWO computers all day, it’s cold outside, she’s only 8, I’ve been eating too much junk, did I mention it’s cold outside?

For those of you who know where I live, I don’t care if you don’t feel sorry for me: 50 degrees IS COLD when you grew up in the tropics. The thing is, I have been landlocked for so long I think I forgot what the ocean looks like, I am stressed out of my gourd, I need to exercise and I WANT TO GO ON VACATION. Preferably—and I know it sounds terrible to say this—on an adult-only vacation. Not meaning topless-ness (necessarily). Just meaning a few days off from being a mom.

Now there’s a reason I’m dumping all this on Mexico Premiere and not some obscure personal blog. Reason is, I want to tell you WHERE I’d like to go on said vacation. The place is on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, specifically Nayarit, specifically this terrific boutique hotel called Casa de Mita (formerly Casa Las Brisas). Specifically owned by one Marc Lindskog. Who’s terrific as well, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

www.visitpuertovallarta.comFirst, let me tell you about how I’d get there. To get to Nayarit, you have to fly in to Puerto Vallarta. Ah, Vallarta!!! Ah, Direct Flights!!! We salute you!! Let’s say I got in relatively early—or not, but still, I would be FORCED to spend a night there. Why, you ask? Because it’s simply one of the “funnest”, coolest, funkiest Mexican beach cities (and yes, by this point it’s a city) in the world. Oh, and I have a very good friend who lives there, who happens to know all the “funnest”, coolest, funkiest places to have a martini (or two), enjoy a fab meal and dance the night away. Chapeau, my dear friend… 🙂

While in Vallarta, there are a couple of places I must visit during the daylight hours (I guess I’ll need more than a day, huh): the town of San Sebastián; the gorgeous malecón; an Aladdin’s-Cave-type store called Viva (scary pretty stuff); dinner or lunch at Daiquiri Dick’s (the name notwithstanding, it’s very not cheesy); oh good grief I could go on and on. And that’s not counting the time I want to spend sunning myself.

Which brings me to the trip over to Nayarit and Casa de Mita. About 45 minutes from bustling Vallarta lies a small town called Punta Mita, known by the cognescenti as the place where the ultra wealthy  touch down every so often, play golf and wile away the hours poolside or on the beach. Speaking of, I stayed at a fabulous villa there one time (lucky me) called Casa Papelillos. Follow the link, you’ll be glad you did. It’s privately owned but available for rent—surprisingly affordable if you go with a group of close friends…

Oh, and there’s a wonderful family-owned restaurant just minutes away called El Dorado de Nayarit. Eat upstairs with a view of the beach. Everything is good.

But I digress (again)…

So, Punta Mita—and the Casa de Mita. In the interest of truth I will have to admit I only had dinner there one night, but I fell unabashedly in love with it. The place is five rungs above charming, the service defines the word “impeccable” and Marc Lindskog, well, let’s just say the man is a national treasure and he’s not even Mexican. He loves his little slice of heaven, he loves what he does, he loves to watch people fall in love with Casa, he loves his little dogs and as far as I could tell, he just loves life. And it comes across in every little detail of his wonderful retreat. It doesn’t hurt that it’s on a truly breathtaking beach and the pool is just that side of perfect.
So in conclusion, yeah, I want Marc Lindskog to adopt me so I can live at Casa de Mita and be within 45 minutes of Vallarta. I’ll find a bilingual school for my bilingual child who, of course, will be part of the package. I can leave Pancho Pez, our red Beta, with my neighbor, as I don’t think he’ll travel well.

Here’s what my room would look like: Brisas de Mita2

Nevermind that Marc and I are contemporaries. It’s a small issue I’m willing to overlook if he is.

So whaddayasay, Marc? Ya gotta. It’s my birthday today and that’s all I want.

4 thoughts on “I Need A Vacation or Why I Want Marc Lindskog To Adopt Me”

  1. Well,

    What can I say but I fell in love with the place when I first stayed there. To be very truthful Marc
    AKA Charleston and I are very good friends. My partner and I were the first guests. Marc has the talent and Joy de Vie that he only does what he loves ( sometimes only likes ) it always shows. Its the little things that always matter. Every time we stay there there is always something different & always better. He has the most gracious staff that exceed your wants on a hourly basis. We love the quiet walks on the beach or using the sea kayaks to ride the surf. I honestly do not know why people stay at the Four Seasons ( 5 minutes away ). With only 8 rooms its like having your own private retreat. If you are looking for a quiet & very relaxing place to unwind this is it.

    Hey Marc,

    if you are reading this & you adopt, can I be your older brother!!

    reagards to all @ Brisas De Mita our little slice of heaven!!!


    Todd hagan

    Hey if he adopts you I am next on the list!!

  2. Hola Todd!

    From what I’ve been hearing, that adoption list is long and getting longer by the day… LOL

    I’m a bit of a boutique-junkie myself and love small, intimate retreats. Luckily, there are plenty of people who enjoy bigger hotels (like the Four Seasons), which means more room at the inn at Casa de Mita!

  3. Hola Messa!

    I’m thinking you’re referring to Vallarta, no? Oh yes, indeed, it’s quite the destination. Not that I’m prejudiced or anything LOL

    It’s definitely a place to get your blood pumpin’; Nayarit is where you go to relax and recuperate and generally get your mind and spirit back on track…

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