In Celebration of International Women’s Day Conference on Transforming Women’s Lives: We Move Forward 2012

ISLA MUJERES, MEXICO – On March 8, 9, & 10, marking both International Women’s Day and the end of the old Mayan calendar, Mexico’s Isla Mujeres will host the 3-day We Move Forward 2012 Women’s Conference. Mayans
believe that 2012 is an auspicious time to move forward, to evolve, to grow. We Move Forward 2012 is a transformational event that brings together internationally renowned speakers; organizational and personal facilitators; and mind, body, fitness, and meditation experts who will offer participants opportunities to shed what no longer serves them and inspiration to move forward into the next chapter of their lives.

We Move Forward 2012 is an event for women of all ages and backgrounds to come together, listen to and be inspired by the stories of women who have struggled and made it through. Through practical workshops, breakout sessions, and under the guidance of professionally trained facilitators, participants will recognize impediments in their own lives, get clarity on their dreams and potential, and be encouraged to allow themselves to take the time to clear the way for new growth so they can move forward in a desired direction with a renewed sense of hope – What will my next chapter look like? What do I want more of? What will my new beginning look like? What do I need to do to get there?

At the very same time the old Mayan calendar ends its 5,125-year cycle a new one begins. This conference is about acknowledging and honoring endings while moving forward to create sustainable new beginnings. Participants will have an opportunity to immerse in Mayan and Mexican culture, connect and create community with women from around the world, take part in activities and interactive workshops designed to shape and clarify their values, visions, and voices. We Move Forward 2012 will give them insights and tools to help them discover their potential and facilitate forward movement in their lives.

We Move Forward 2012 begins on International Women’s Day. Isla Mujeres – Spanish for Island of Women – is home to the Temple of Ix Chel, the Mayan Goddess of women fertility, healing, and abundance. Known for its white sand and calm beaches on one side, roiling ocean and volcanic rock coastline on the other, and easy access from Cancun, Isla Mujeres is the ideal place to host a celebration
of the feminine, moving forward in one’s life, and rejuvenation of the spirit.

Speakers include:
– Bal Arneson, Cooking Channel (USA) and Food Network (Canada) Spice Goddess and author of
“Everyday Indian” cookbook, will trace the extraordinary arc of her life drawing out pertinent lessons for
the audience and tell her own story so that others might see themselves in it. Escaping village life in rural
India where girls were only raised to serve their husbands, Arneson made her way to star in her own
internationally broadcast cooking show. Knowing education was the key to freedom, Arneson set out on a
remarkable journey spanning continents and decades, landing in North America where she earned her BA
and MA in Education, convinced a publisher to produce her cookbook, and talked her way into bigger
and better TV deals.
– Melissa Fung, author and international correspondent for CBC TV, will speak about her work in
Afghanistan, being kidnapped, held prisoner in a hole for 28 days, and how she decided to tell the hardest
part of her story – being assaulted by one of her captors – rather than hide it. Her message is about
courage, fortitude, the preciousness of freedom, and to remind people about the women left behind in
Afghanistan who suffer abuse and an unfair justice system that puts women at fault if they try to escape
violence at the hands of their husbands.
– Wendy Crewson, the widely acclaimed and multiple award-winning actress will speak about her
passion for acting, share her experiences in moving her dreams forward to become one of Canada’s
premier film stars. Playing opposite Harrison Ford in “Air Force One”, Tom Selleck in “Twelve Mile
Road”, and Tim Allen in “The Santa Clause Story”, Crewson has also acted alongside actors Helen
Mirren, Robert Redford, Sofia Loren, Sidney Poitier, Jennifer Hudson, Robin Williams, and Terrance
Howard and others in a variety of films. Her leading role in “At the End of the Day: The Sue Rodriguez
Story” – a British Columbian woman diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, also known as
Lou Gehrig’s disease) who fought for the legal right to assisted suicide – and involvement with the ALS
Society won her a Canadian Gemini Award.
– Lorna Tychostup, independent journalist, photographer, and senior editor of Chronogram magazine,
will introduce a film documenting her work in Iraq from her first trip there in the weeks before the
bombing began to her recent return from Baghdad where she lived and worked for almost a year and a
half. The film captures the story of a woman who sees overcomes enormous boundaries to create the life
she wants, which includes creating a News section in a regional publication that catapults the publication
into the national and international arena, finding her way as an independent journalist to Iraq in the days
before the war, returning regularly to keep her thumb on the pulse of Iraqi life that goes unreported in
mainstream media, getting her MS after her children graduate from college, and continuing to work in
Iraq against all odds. The film is inspirational and non-political. It is about dreams and hope, fortitude of
spirit and will hopefully energize and encourage women (and men) to follow their dreams.
For further info please contact:
Janeen Halliwell
MX cell: +011 52 1998100218