It Doesn’t Pay to be a Bad Ass in Mexico

By: Lisa Coleman

Admit it… the only reason you clicked on this was for the title… Dying to know what that’s all about huh? Well, this one is sure to brighten your day. There are countless things I love about Mexico, but its ability to amuse me from time to time is one of my favorites.

There are just things that can only happen in Mexico. (Some of you are smiling right now shaking your head and saying “yep, I know.”)  Well, putting a donkey in jail would certainly fall under that category. Apparently in Chiapas you don’t have to be human to pay for your crimes. Here’s the scoop…Said nameless ass seemed to have become very upset, for reasons undisclosed. In his fit of madness, he bit and kicked two men, 63 and 52 years old respectively. It took six more men to calm and restrain our not-so-friendly Eeyore. Sounds like a violation to me. Nameless ass was “rabid” according to witnesses. Hummm… can a donkey be rabid? What would Winnie the Pooh think?

Anyway, they threw him in the drunk tank (not making this up) and he is waiting for his owner to cough up the $420 US for medical bills for the “victims.” Sounds like our four-legged friend might be hanging out for a while. Interesting enough, animal inmates are not exactly an oddity in this town either. Seems previous offenders include a dog that was locked up for 12 days for biting someone, and a bull who ate some corn crops and took out two wooden vending stands.

So listen up youngsters and travelers, I think it’s clear that crime just doesn’t pay!