It is Time to Assume the Responsibility of Transforming Mexico: FCH

Calderon armyMexico City.– President Felipe Calderón led the Ceremony for the Beginning and End of Courses in the Military Education System, adding that the Army and the Air Force have been and always will be a fundamental pillar of the country’s institutions.

“There are so now in the sense that institutions in various parts of the country are subject to various threats including organized crime,” he said.

Accompanied by his wife, Margarita Zavala, and Secretaries of Defense and the Navy, General Guillermo Galván Galván and Mariano Francisco Saynez Mendoza, respectively, he told the cadets that being in the ranks of the Armed Forces means protecting the freedom and rights of our society.

It also, he continued, means fighting to consolidate democracy and make the national ideals of justice and freedom prevail over any challenge or interest and any criminal organization different from that of the country itself.

“Today, men and women of arms, young cadets, you are called to follow the example of the heroic deeds of the Boy Heroes, meet major challenges, overcome fears and fight without cease for a freer, fairer Mexico,” he said.

He explained that today, like yesterday, Mexico is facing new challenges that jeopardize the possibility of building a more prosperous and fairer future for our people. But the country, he added, “Has you to defend the integrity of our territory, the sovereignty of the country and the internal security of the nation, which is precisely, the guarantee of a decent life for all Mexicans.”

In his address, the President added:

“Our actions will determine the transformation of Mexico into a safer country where the rule of law prevails; a more prosperous, fairer Mexico, in which every Mexican, regardless of his or her social or economic condition or place of origin, will have the same opportunities to have access to health, education, well-being and a decent standard of living, a Mexico that advances along the path of sustainable human development.”

At the same time, President Calderón confirmed:

“As I said a few days ago, it is time for a thorough-going change, which means destroying inertias, setting private calculations and interests aside and assuming the gravity of the time and responsibility of the changes Mexico needs.”

He noted that as the Bicentennial Generation, we have the historic opportunity to harness the country’s enormous capacity to open the doors to a better future and we must use this opportunity, because our great nation deserves this future.