Keep Your Cash – The Drive South Looks Better

By: Lisa Coleman

If you consider Tijuana a Mexican experience… think again. It’s a border town plain and simple, with all the crime and mess that goes along with it. However, to reach the new luxury developments and shiney beach communitites to the south, you have to pass through. The corrupt police know that too. The five mile stretch of highway leading out of town towards the beaches and boom has long been a target for Mexican officials in search of bribes and a quick buck. But times are a changing.

According to the L.A. Times, the Tijuana police are making a huge effort to prevent the “drive in” tourists from being unjustly pulled over and targeted. As the Real Estate market has begun to soar in the area, the locals have become aware of the importance of these projects. The goal is to make the border areas more inviting for buyers. They want to clean up the town while they’re at it, but it’s a start! Baby steps, right?

I think it’s a good plan…let’s see how it goes.