Let’s Defend Mexico’s Image: Calderón

Calderon defends

Mexico City. President Felipe Calderón urged Mexico to defend Mexico’s image, which is why he asked Congress, the states, municipalities and businessmen in the sector as well as workers to embark on a new stage for tourism in the country.
Let us begin a new stage for tourism in Mexico. To achieve this, I confirm my commitment to turn tourism into a motor for economic growth and job creation for more Mexican families,” he said.
During the inauguration of the Working Sessions on Tourism, called: Commitment to Mexican Tourism, the President said that the goal is now to reinforce the sector, since the point is to boost it to create the jobs Mexicans require.
“We are going to consolidate Mexico as a world leader in tourism,” added the President. However, he said that despite the positive data in this field, we must not let our guard down but rather redouble our efforts to ensure that recovery is sustained.
He stressed that this is not only a task for Federal Government, but also for the authorities, businessmen, legislators, media, analysts and all Mexicans who must serve as promoters and ambassadors for Mexico abroad.
“And we do in fact have problems of perception and image. We have real, undeniable problems, of course. And the point is not to hide the problems we have. On the contrary, we must say that we have problems and that we are dealing with them with strength and determination and that we are going to solve them. We have a problem of law and order. But we must put things in perspective, we must objectively describe what is happening in Mexico and the rest of the world and although there will probably someone who says this sounds inadequate, we must also speak well of Mexico,” he said.
Among the measures for promoting tourism, President Calderón announced that both the National Institute of Migration and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs are preparing a new regulation, whereby citizens from other countries that already hold a US visa will not be required to obtain a visa to enter Mexico.