Making A Difference, One Town At A Time

By David Simmonds

The corporatocracy class that essentially runs the political machine in the U.S. these days is unlikely to want any changes made that would affect the flow of cheap labor from Mexico.  They will bluster and make promises to their base, but nothing will change until the power changes, and most likely not even then. 

As for Mexico:they have little incentive to address the lack of adequate employment available to their citizens as long as the “safety valve” pipeline is in operation with hundred of thousands of their most ambitious men and women heading to “el norte” to earn money to send home. The devastation to the rural villages and towns throughout Mexico is epic, with generations of social structure being ripped to shreds.

Instead of waiting for the government to act, at least one lady in the state of Guanajuato is doing what should become a model for all of Mexico. The concept is simple: create jobs in the communities and the people will stay home. It can, and is, working. Please read this excellent article authored by Sara Miller Llana of the Christian Science Monitor to read about one remarkable lady: Adriana Cortes.