Mexican Actors Speak Out

By David Simmonds

It has been no secret that for the past several years it has been very unpopular for anyone who makes their living in the arts in the U.S. to dare voice an opinion related to politics and policies. The Dixie Chicks tested those waters and paid a huge price for exercising their First Amendment rights, which had been preceded by then Bush administration press-secretary Ari Fleischer warning Americans to “watch what they say and watch what they do” shortly after 9/11. It has only been recently, as the Iraq war has gone predictably badly, that more courage has been shown by public figures and the press. Well, maybe it’s not an issue of courage, rather that the box-office blowback has lessened the financial impact as public opinion has changed.

Two of Mexico’s hottest young movie stars, Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, who both starred in “Y Tu Mama Tambien”, are refreshingly not afraid to speak. They are focusing their attention of human rights, poverty and the judicial system in Mexico, stating, “Each day it’s harder to live in this country and turn a blind eye to the poverty and injustice”. You will hear more from these very talented, out-spoken citizens.