Mexican poet Jose Emilio Pacheco wins Cervantes Prize

By John Mitchell

I first discovered the works of Jose Emilio Pacheco during the 1980’s when I came across an English translation of his poems in a Mexico City bookstore. Pacheco immediately became and remains one of my favorite contemporary Latin American poets. His haunting verse probes the mysteries of time and decay and expresses wonder and a profound respect for the natural world.

Recently it was announced that Jose Emilio Pacheco has won the Cervantes Prize, the most prestigious literary award for writing in Spanish. Pacheco, now 70 years old, lives in Mexico City. In addition to numerous books of poetry, he has written essays, short stories, and novels. The Cervantes Prize honors his entire body of work.

2 thoughts on “Mexican poet Jose Emilio Pacheco wins Cervantes Prize”

  1. I sincerely congratulate Mr. Jose Emilio Pacheco for his recent award. I it wonderful to see recognition and appreciatiation for ones hard work and inspiration.
    I am originally from Mexico City but live in Toronto, Canada. It occured to me to approach Mr. Jose Emilio Pacheco to see if he would be so kind to review the work and help me publish the work of my late father Carlos Barrios Martinez who was a journalist, writter, professional photographer and reporter working with the likes of Regino Hernandez Llergo, Fernando Solana, Jose Pages Llergo and Francisco Martinez de la Vega, amongst other national leaders in the journalistic field. He was almost blind which prevented him from completing his work on time; however, he managed to publish “El Colilla” Cuentos del ferrocarril with the help of “Coordinacion de Publicaciones de la Direccion General de Comunicacion Social del Gobierno del Estado de Guerrero” printed. I live in Canada and I need to honour my father’s life by publishing his last work titled “Casa del Tiempo y Fabulaciones”. My father deserves this and all I need is some guidance on publishing to see some of my father’s work come to live. Please don’t ignore this request, Thank you so much in advance.
    Respectfully yours, Carolina Bertolin Please contact me at

  2. Carolina, from what I’ve read about Mr. Pacheco, I gather that he’s a very private man. A good place to start might be to try contacting him through his publisher. You could try Googling Pacheco’s name to see if you can find out what company has been publishing his latest books. Mucha suerte.

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