Mexican Truckers are Coming

By David Simmonds

As yet another assault on the American worker, specifically the trucking industry and the Teamsters union, the Bush administration has announced that they will soon allow Mexican truckers to extend their routes beyond the current 25-mile-from-the-border limit. Although the new rule was a condition of 2001’s NAFTA agreement, there has been widespread opposition from a majority of U.S. citizens and the U.S. Congress, according to most polls. The Teamsters have tradionally been supporters of the Democratic party, which brings into question the motivation to allow this to happen from an administration that prefers in-your-face political maneuvers to sound policy decisions.

NAFTA also allows U.S. truckers to travel the Mexican highways, but few  carriers have shown an interest, citing inferior, unsafe road conditions, uncompetitive wages and threatened reprisals by Mexican truckers. And most Mexican highways are not designed for the size of rig that are common in the U.S.. For more on the Washington Times story click here