Mexican Wines Are Quite Fine…

by Lola

Cheesy headline, I know, but it’s Friday and I’m burned out. Too much of this and not enough of that.

Anyway, I wanted to share an article I read about Mexican wines. Most people think Mexico = tequila but truth is there’s a growing number of folks who think Mexico = great wine.

I’ve had the privilege to sample a few. I know my wine-loving bud Lisa Coleman has indulged in it quite a bit–I mean, indulged in the STUDY of it, hahahahaha–and is much more KNOWLEDGEABLE about it than I am, so I invite her to share.

Meanwhile, here’s the link for a little background. And next time you’re offered a Mexican wine (check-the-label-quickly-to-make-sure-it’s-a-good-one-and) say sí!

Vino for me, please…