Mexicana Meltdown

by Ron Mader

Today Grupo Mexicana halted airline operations.

According to yesterday’s press release:
* Grupo Mexicana suspends flights until further notice
* Current management received the company in a state of technical bankruptcy seven days ago after it filed for protection under Mexico’s insolvency laws
* Financial deterioration and lack of agreements force Grupo Mexicana to stop flying
* Grupo Mexicana deeply regrets any inconvenience caused to passengers

This isn’t good.

I was thinking that things were working themselves out, but it turns out that Tim Leffel was right! Blackjack Offers Better Odds for Your $. Now … how do we get to Las Vegas?!

For those of us who would like to promote Mexico, let me emphasize the importance of letting visitors know how they can arrive and leave the country without hassle.

For timely Mexicana news direct from the source, keep an eye on the company’s twitter.

For irrelevant and outdated news, check the Mexicana YouTube channel!