Mexico’s airline operating the country’s most modern fleet makes a commitment to your health

Mexico City, May 8, 2009.- Volaris is completely committed to the safety and peace of mind of every one of their clients. With the following set of actions, the company is announcing a Commitment to their Health:

1. Appropriate supervision for all our Clients, ensuring that everyone boarding our airplanes is in optimal health.

2. Total sanitation of our aircrafts through a series of measures guaranteeing maximum onboard hygiene.

3. Medical service by phone or in person at any of the various Volaris destinations through our healthcare partner, Medicall Home.

At this time, and with the assistance of airport officials, all our Clients are being asked to fill out a medical screening questionnaire to get an opportunity to establish that they are in optimal health conditions before moving on to the security screening.

In addition, Volaris Clients will get a 50% discount on medical laboratory testing at any Laboratorio Médico Polanco branch, by simply presenting their boarding pass. Our fleet, Mexico’s newest averaging 2.3 years, is equipped with modern HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters) purification systems removing 99.97% of particles smaller than those of a virus, completely renewing air inside the aircraft every 2 to 3 minutes.

This means air is renewed on our fleet some 30 times every hour, a rate that is higher than in hospitals, offices, or passenger trains. “At Volaris, our main commitment is towards our client’s safety and peace of mind, and we
are pleased that from the start of our operations, we have had new airplanes equipped with totally modern HEPA air cleansing systems, filtering air and completely discarding it every 2 minutes,” said Enrique Beltranena, Volaris General Manager.

A specialized crew carries out thorough cleaning and sanitization of all our aircrafts. Also, and after each flight segment, armrests, seatbelts, service tray tables, and all service equipment used in the cabin is cleaned. Every evening, aircrafts are disinfected according to the health recommendations issued by government officials with products eliminating 99.9% of all germs using mainly soap and chlorine.

Also, and before boarding and disembarking a flight, our Clients all have access to disinfectant hand gel. This gel is also offered on flights lasting over two hours. For further hygiene control, the food and beverage service will be issued towards the end of the flight, at the time of disembarking.
Our healthcare partner, Medicall Home is offering all Volaris clients purchasing a ticket starting Monday, May 11th and through May 31st, unlimited access to their Telephone Medical Service Center, operating 24/7, by dialing 5201-7980 from Mexico City and 01 800-630-6091
from anywhere else in Mexico. Clients may also program a medical consultation free of charge at any of the medical centers operated by Medicall Home throughout the country. Likewise, and for the Volaris Shuttle Service, we have standardized cleaning measures similar to the ones that are being implemented on our airplanes.

 Air renewal in the cabin every 2 to 3 minutes on board every flight
 Access to telephone or in person medical consultation services through    Medicall Home during the month of May
 Strict hygiene measures on all our airplanes
 Boarding control via a medical screening questionnaire
 Access to a 50% discount on laboratory services offered at Laboratorio Médico Polanco
 Airplanes that are on the ground will have appropriate air circulation conditions at all times.

Finally, and to ensure our client’s safety and peace of mind at all times, Volaris remains in permanent contact with government officials to stay abreast of all developments and is taking all recommended health and hygiene measures to ensure Clients have a pleasant and enjoyable trip.

About Volaris
Volaris is a Mexican high-efficiency airline aimed at offering customers a unique travel experience – starting with the easy ticket purchasing process right through the on-time guarantee on all flights. With 21 Airbus A320 family aircraft, Volaris has the youngest and most modern fleet in Mexico reaching 21 airports and 35 routes across the country. From the start of operations in March 2006, the airline guarantees travelers comfort and reliability delivered by more than 1,400 employees making up the Volaris family and dedicated to strengthening the airline’s commitment to excellent service and single-class treatment in a human way.