Mexico and Russia Confirm Continuity of Cultural Dialogue

President Calderón Inaugurates Exhibition on: Czars, Art and Culture in the Russian Empire Collections from the Ermitage State Museum at the National Museum of AnthropologyMexico City.- President Felipe Calderón declared that despite the distance between Mexico and Russia, the cultural dialogue between the two countries has continued.
During the inauguration of the exhibition: Czars, Art and Culture in the Russian Empire. Collections from the Ermitage State Museum at the National Museum of Anthropology, the President declared that it is crucial for government not only to increase but also to strengthen and expand Mexico’s cultural relations with the world.
Accompanied by his wife Margarita Zavala, the President declared that this exhibition is a sign of reciprocity and the existence of dialogue between Mexican and Russian museums, which has not only enriched culture but also friendship.
“There is no doubt that despite the geographical distance, the peoples of Mexico and Russia have always had mutual respect and mutual sympathy, confirmed today by the Russian Federation’s decision to continue this cultural dialogue between our countries, through this exhibition which is being staged in our country, for the first time in Latin America.
President Felipe Calderón stated that his government is making every effort to increase Mexico’s presence in other countries, as borne out by the Art and Splendor of Teotihuacan Exhibition, inaugurated in Monterrey in September, which is about to begin its tour of Europe, Aztec World, presented at the Field Museum of Chicago and Frida and Diego, Shared Lives, in Santiago, Chile.
Czars, Art and Culture of the Russian Empire comprises over 500 works from the 16th to the 20th century including painting, sculpture and decorative arts and will be at the Museum of Anthropology until April 2009.