Mexico At Olympics

David Simmonds

olympicsAlpine sports aren’t real popular in Mexico. They have some nice mountains, and a little snow on the tallest peaks, but snowboarding hasn’t really caught on like, say, bullfighting, futbol, or lucha libre.

But, they do have a participant in this year’s games: Prince Hubertus von Hohelohe-Langenburg, who competes in the men’s slalom.  Slalom is the event where you ski between closely-spaced poles (with a small p) going real fast. Prince Hubertas is a descendant of German royalty, but he was born in Mexico City in 1959, making him a 50-year old skier competing against guys half his age. He has also been known by the names Andy Himalaya and Royal Disaster as a singer.

Although Hubie spends most of this time in Austria, where he is now an artist and photographer, he does have a place in Cabo and is eligible to represent Mexico in the games due to his birthplace. He is actually an accomplished skier and he founded the Mexican Ski Federation in 1981. He also represented Mexico at the 1984 Olympic Games in Sarajevo.

So, our hats are off to Prince Hubertus with a shot of the the world’s finest tequila.