Mexico Becomes Second Fattest Nation in the World


OK, I almost had a chimichanga when I read that headline. (Whatever that means. I’ve never tasted one and ew, not planning on it.)

WHAT UP, MEXICO??? According to a news report, fast food and soft drinks are to blame. Good grief. This is the Mexico of the delicious fresh fruit, of the savory tacos (small tacos, not those monster things they call tacos at Taco Bell), of the tantalizing fish dishes. None of it lo-cal, but certainly not empty of any worthwhile nutrition. And now that I mention Taco Bell: Coleman, you heralded the arrival of that monstrosity in Mexico, didn’t you? PURE HERESY!! I nearly had a vaca when I read that one.

Man, I’m totally disappointed. There are scads, scores and tons of wonderful corner stands and little and big restaurants that serve fabulous food and delicious FRESH snacks, why oh why have they gone the way of the Sabritas and the Coca???

It is indeed a sad day. Even sadder to think Mexico might eventually surpass the US as the most grande nation in the world—for all the wrong reasons.

Shame on us here for setting such a bad example, and shame on them for taking us up on some of our worst habits. In my honest opinion, it’s just a shame all the way around.,2933,341250,00.html