Mexico Becomes Second Fattest Nation in the World


OK, I almost had a chimichanga when I read that headline. (Whatever that means. I’ve never tasted one and ew, not planning on it.)

WHAT UP, MEXICO??? According to a news report, fast food and soft drinks are to blame. Good grief. This is the Mexico of the delicious fresh fruit, of the savory tacos (small tacos, not those monster things they call tacos at Taco Bell), of the tantalizing fish dishes. None of it lo-cal, but certainly not empty of any worthwhile nutrition. And now that I mention Taco Bell: Coleman, you heralded the arrival of that monstrosity in Mexico, didn’t you? PURE HERESY!! I nearly had a vaca when I read that one.

Man, I’m totally disappointed. There are scads, scores and tons of wonderful corner stands and little and big restaurants that serve fabulous food and delicious FRESH snacks, why oh why have they gone the way of the Sabritas and the Coca???

It is indeed a sad day. Even sadder to think Mexico might eventually surpass the US as the most grande nation in the world—for all the wrong reasons.

Shame on us here for setting such a bad example, and shame on them for taking us up on some of our worst habits. In my honest opinion, it’s just a shame all the way around.,2933,341250,00.html

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  1. My best friend in Mexico is a rural doctor. He says diabetes is growing every year in his village. The biggest problem here in the country is SUGAR laden POP. I see the workers going to work in the morning with a 2 liter bottle and it is nearly gone when they return. That bottle holds nearly a handful of sugar, and they seem to drink it instead of water.

    My nephew in DF says Mexico has the highest per capita consumption of sugar in the world. I asked him, shocked, “Even more than the US???” He said, yes, even more than the US.

    That does not mean they aren’t also eating pizzas and hamburgers, of course, which does not help.

    I do not recommend the Atkins Diet for two reasons. Different bodies react differently. And, the diet is complicated. Failure to follow instructions can harm you. (e.g. — impaction, that which killed Elvis, if you don’t take fiber supplements. And, osteoporosis if you don’t get enough calcium.)

    I am hypoglycemic (post-prandial, early). And, for me the Atkins diet not only helped me lose 30 pounds, but also cleaned up my cardiovascular system. My bp runs around 105/64 now. And, everyone tells me I look years younger. I have very strong discipline, and also can eat the same thing day after day without complaint if I am someplace with little variety of food, such as this village.

    However, Atkins’ technical information is priceless. He points out that the insulin produced by the large amounts of glucose coming from a high carb diet, among other unpleasant things, also MAKES YOU HUNGRY.

    So, the pop drinkers, with all their sugar, also tend to have very high appetites, and thus eat a lot of other food, which is also mostly carb based.

    This tends to make for fat people.

    When I first came to visit this village in 1983, the women were slim. Now they range, with a very few exceptions, from chubby to morbidly obese.

    Even the workers, men who do manual labor all day, sometimes have a bit of fat.

    My wife, a native of this village, is 4′ 11″. As a young woman, she weighted 98 pounds. She got as high as 122 in the US. Since I got on Atkins, she became motivated and early this week before we left the States, she weighed 102. IMO, she looks pretty good for a 65 year old woman.

  2. So you’re seeing it firsthand. Both of my cousins’ husbands work for Coca Cola—their houses are always stocked, but I guess since they have so much access to the stuff they don’t drink too much of it. But yes, soft drinks are ubiquitous. Me, I’d rather indulge if I can in horchata or agua de jamaica, though the former I’m sure isn’t exactly “light”.

    So Atkins worked for ya, huh… I’m not way overweight, but I could stand to lose a few pounds. Can you send me the recipe for “discipline”, please?

  3. Some traditional Mexican dishes may be laden with lard, that’s true, but there’s never been any lack of fresh vegetables, meats, fish and tasty lighter fare, should you be a determined South Beacher or Atkinsinite. All you have to do is ask and you will find something healthy and delicious at most restaurants. Trust me, my family lives there, they eat out quite a bit and none of them are fat. Nor do they live in Polanco or Lomas. They’re just normal folk.

    That aside, why is it that the obesity problem wasn’t a problem until recent years? I definitely put the blame on comida chatarra—with help from the ubiquitous video games and excess TV watching, of course. Truth is, Coke and chips and other junk are affordable enough—every albañil downs a soda at lunch, kids coming out of public schools flock to the corner stores for Cokes and Sabritas and the massive amounts of soda cans and bags on every trash pile attest to their popularity. Previous generations flocked to the stands for aguas frescas (however much sugar they may have) and, gasp! fresh mangoes with chile or watermelon spears, etc. Why weren’t they all obese? It’s an alarming trend worldwide, and unfortunately you can usually trace it to the Westernization of whatever country where we’ve gone and planted the Golden Arches and the bright red cans.

  4. I can beleive this. I met my wife in Mexico and she was slim at the time, though did not exercise and ate quite a bit, snacks and desserts all the time, she still managed to keep a gorgeous figure. All that changed when we got married and moved to the US. Her healthy appetite combined with fast food and big portions caused her to gain weight quickly and stedily. She now weighs nearly 300 pounds.

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