Mexico Boutique Hotels Unveils 100% Agency Commission Guarantee!

Well-known to travel agents around the world as a reliable partner in the industry, Mexico Boutique Hotels recently confirmed an association with FEI Enterprises in an effort to expand its services. “We’ve always served as the intermediary between our hotels and travel agents to ensure the latter received their commission checks without any issues,” explains Sylvie Laitre, Director of Mexico Boutique Hotels. “Now, thanks to our connection with U.S.-based FEI Enterprises, we can guarantee they’ll be paid their commission in a timely manner through an established third-party company.”

FEI Enterprises is an international financial services agency dedicated to the tourism industry. Among other things, they offer commission payment and accounts receivable services to hotels worldwide, facilitating foreign transactions on both ends of the equation. “They allow us to add another dimension to our relationship with travel agents,” said Laitre.

To book any of Mexico Boutique Hotels’ stylish properties for your best clients and receive your guaranteed commission check, call 1-800-728-9098 (US and Canada) or visit

About Mexico Boutique Hotels:

Established in 1999, Mexico Boutique Hotels is a collection of 47 upscale, independent member properties handpicked for their intimacy, high level of service and outstanding attributes. Some are housed in exquisitely restored architectural gems, others are paeans to Mexican cuisine, still others showcase the sleekly modern–but they each encourage guests to savor the many fascinating traditions of this vast country and all offer guests a unique travel experience. Typically less than 30 rooms in size, they are often destinations unto themselves. Based in Puerto Vallarta, MBH is staffed by an experienced team of travel and hospitality professionals who both live and work in Mexico.