Mexico Buses Cutting Fares

David Simmonds

Airlines are cutting routes to Mexico (and elsewhere) and laying off employees in an attempt to avoid bankruptcy, as oil speculators and world demand has sent transportation costs soaring. The gas lines and shortages of the 1970’s should have been the canary-in-the-coal-mine warning that the Western world needed to find a different engine to propel out autos, boats and planes if we desired to control our destiny (security), but of course, that didn’t happen. And now, here we are. And no amount of new domestic drilling will solve our problem, either short or long term. New technology is the answer and countries like India, Korea and Japan, those countries not controlled by Big Oil, are light years ahead of the U.S. with innovative cars soon coming to market. I’ll be first in line when they do.

But back to the article headline. Riding buses in Mexico has always been a great way to see the country, and is used by all Mexicans. The bus lines are numerous, efficient and cheap, with coaches ranging from school bus chicken-run models to luxury rides. I would like to see passenger trains return to Mexico, but buses serve the country very well, going to every major city and every small village. One of the better bus lines, ETN, even offers Wifi on many of its routes and many lines show movies in English on onboard TVs. And many give you a sack lunch when you board.

Presently there is a price war going on with some lines offering fares at 50% off the norm. And although gas prices in Mexico remain around $2.50 per gallon US, riding the bus is a significant bargain that affords you the ability to relax and see parts of the country you never experience when flying from point to point.

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