Mexico Gas Prices Have Their Ups and Downs

By Jeanine Lee Kitchel

With government owned Pemex the only show for in town for buying gas, you’re pretty much stuck with a one-cost price tag, everywhere. But at about 60 cents per liter, that breakdown brings gas here to roughly $2.45 USD per gallon, cheap by world standards.

A few months ago, Novedades/Cancun reported that even though gasolineras were committed to one price, some stations were going about corruption in a different way: by changing the weight on the pumps. So even though you thought you were paying the same price everywhere, at some Pemex stations you were getting a light tank of gas.

I did a personal study and located two gas stations in Cancun where my pesos went further for a full tank. One is closest to the airport, the other is near Sam’s Club. These non-corrupt stations usually have lines of taxis and local cars lined up as the locals seem to know where to go to get the best buy.

But now there’s a website that lets you know if the gasolinera nearest you is cheating or not. Check out: http:/

If you’re on vacation look for the station with lots of business, and don’t forget to tip the attendant. It’s the norm here.