Mexico Makes a Stop in Miami

By: MP News Staff

Mexico opens the doors of imagination to airport visitors that pass through Miami

Miami, Florida – All a success, the Mexico Tourism Board’s campaign “Mexico: Beyond Your Expectations”, has been implemented by showcasing the country’s diverse offerings with a large display at Miami International Airport.

“A large amount of travelers have visited the display at the airport in Miami and have expressed an enormous amount of interest in the information being provided on Mexico”, said Teresa Villareal, Director of the Mexico Tourism Board in Miami.

The Colonial style displays have been installed near gates F and G in the airport which have the highest traffic and are neighbors to airline counters with the highest impact such as: Continental, Air Canada and others. The display located in walkway G is also the entrance of the airport’s new terminal, inaugurated less than two months ago.

With its great colors and a style that reflects a traditional Mexican estate, the displays include a 42 inch plasma screen TV playing beautiful images of Mexico and are operated by friendly models who are ready to provide visitors with information. Booth guests are also receiving giveaways such as pens, caps, postcards, luggage tags and coloring books with crayons, which have been very popular among parents with traveling children and motivate them to request additional information on Mexico.

Selecting Miami International Airport was without a doubt, a huge part of the success of the operation, since the airport carries about 3 million travelers on a monthly basis, a figure that has increased 11.6 % in the past year.

Certainly, this campaign will contribute in the positioning of Mexico in the United States, targeting a key audience of high purchasing power, during the adequate high season and to establish a strong presence of Mexico that passengers will surely remember.

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  1. It is important to not be fooled by the aggressive marketing that the Mexican Tourism Industry evokes on U.S. citizens. The death of tourists in certain regions in Mexico is increasing at an alarming rate. Please research before booking—it just may save your life.
    Google brent midlock to learn how a resort exceeded “Beyond Your Expectations”.

    For information concerning the dangers traveling to Mexico, visit the U.S. State Department Travel Alert at

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