Mexico Opens the Doors of Imagination to Airport Visitors in Chicago

Mexico is the first stop for visitors traveling through O’Hare’s Terminal 3 this Fall

Chicago, Il., October 2008 – All a success, the Mexico Tourism Board’s campaign slogan “Mexico: Beyond Your Expectations”, has been implemented by showcasing the country’s diverse offerings with a large display at Terminal 3 of Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

Throughout the month of October, the country’s diverse offerings will be displayed at the Colonial-style kiosk that will offer travelers first-hand information on traveling to Mexico.

With this promotional campaign – first of its kind at O’Hare – the Mexico Tourism Board hopes to create awareness on Mexico’s many natural and cultural treasures. The Mexico kiosks will be utilized to display the country’s new advertising campaign which will be officially released this fall throughout North American media.

Selecting O’Hare Airport was without a doubt, a huge part of the success of the operation, since the airport reports a monthly average of 6.7 million passengers. O’Hare’s Terminal 3, hosts major air carriers such as American Airlines, Delta and Alaska Airlines; this terminal receives 38% of the airport’s traffic.

The expected success of this promotion is unquestionably due to the located selection. The amicable gates and halls of O’Hare International Airport – winner of the 2007 Global Traveler Award for Best Airport in North America – are the ideal stage for travelers to experience a sneak peek of what awaits them in Mexico.

“Certainly, this campaign will contribute in the positioning of Mexico in the United States, targeting a global audience of high purchasing power, during the traveler decision-making season and to establish a strong presence of Mexico that passengers will surely remember” said Rodrigo Esponda, Director of the Mexico Tourism Board in Chicago.

About the Mexico Tourism Board

The Mexico Tourism Board (MTB) brings together the resources of federal and state governments, municipalities and private companies to promote Mexico’s tourism attractions and destinations internationally. Created in 1999, the MTB is Mexico’s tourism promotion agency, and its participants include members of both the private and public sectors. The MTB has offices throughout North America, Europe, Japan and Latin America. For more information on destinations and online trip bookings please go to