Mexico Premiere Bloggers Chosen for the Mexico Today Team!

By Lisa Coleman

Just returned from a fantastic 4-day business trip to Oaxaca… Lucky me! (When I think about it, it’s fairly difficult to call a trip to Oaxaca a “business trip”… isn’t it?) Anyway, I haven’t been to this colonial gem in several years, but all was still as magical. The city was chosen as the destination for the “Mexico Today Kick-Off Event.” The Mexico Today program is funded by the Mexican government and headed up by the brilliant Jaime Diaz and the talented group from Ogilvy Public Relations. This joint public and private sector initiative is designed to help promote Mexico as a global business partner and an unrivaled tourist destination. David Simmonds and I have been selected to be a part of the newly formed (2010) Mexico Today team and we are both honored to be involved with what is sure to be the most successful program of its kind ever implemented in Mexico.

There are 24 team members divided into 8 “Community Managers” and 16 “Contributors.” We all come from different backgrounds in business and blogging, yet share a love and respect for Mexico. I am a Community Manager and David, a Contributor. Our mutual goal is generate content and commentary focusing on six pivotal topics including: Economy, Security, Infrastructure, Health, Environment and Culture/Travel. I encourage you to learn about Mexico Today (, follow us on Twitter (@MexicoToday and #MexicoToday) and to join us in conversation on Facebook.

We have built Mexico Premiere on solid opinions and important information that will help educate and enlighten anyone interested in Mexico at any level. We intend to share our blog posts from this site with the Mexico Today website and Facebook page. This is an exciting project for us and we are happy to share this program with our readers and look forward to expanding our Mexico community!

Disclosure:  David Simmonds and I are being compensated for our work in creating content as a Community Manager and Contributor for the México Today Program.  We were also invited to an all-expenses paid trip to Oaxaca as part of our role and for the launch of the program.  All stories, opinions and passion for all things México shared in our blogs are completely our own.