Mexico Ranks #1 in Retirement Index

MP News Staff

Every year International Living magazine ranks the the top retirement havens in the world. This year Mexico comes in at #1, up from #4 a year ago. Each country is evaluated and given a score in eight categories: Real Estate, Special Benefits, Cost of Living, Culture, Health, Infrastructure, Safety/Stability, and Climate. As stated in the magazine “Mexico offers the perfect mix of centuries-old traditions and contemporary lifestyles. Moving to Mexico means you can still have all of the amenities you grew accustomed to north of the border: cable TV, high-speed Internet, and modern home appliances.” The article goes on to say, “If health care is a concern, you should know that in much of Mexico the health care is first rate. Private clinics and hospitals are staffed by expert physicians (many who trained in the U.S., Europe, or in Mexico’s own world-renowned teaching hospitals), and medical care and prescription drugs will cost you only a fraction of what you would pay in the States.”

Mexico was followed by Ecuador, Italy, Panama, Australia, Malta, Spain, South Africa, Mayalasia, and France.

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