Mexico to Donate 8 Million Dollars to Haiti

HaitiMexico City. During a visit to the National Mexican Red Cross Collection Center, President Felipe Calderón announced that Mexico will make a special donation to Haiti of eight million dollars, which will be channeled through the United Nations Organization.

“In addition, Mexicans are donating eight million dollars, over and above what you are doing, which is very valuable, and means far more and is more generous,” he said.

Accompanied by his wife, Margarita Zavala, the President closed the doors of a trailer containing donations that will be sent to the Caribbean island. He also urged society to continue with its donations, particularly medicine, dressing materials and personal hygiene items.

One thought on “Mexico to Donate 8 Million Dollars to Haiti”

  1. i think it’s really cool that mexico is trying to help haiti the best they can i hope att the people are going to be okay and that god bless haiti and they should not worry about anything every thing is going to be ok

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