Mexico Tourism Board: It’s Business as Usual in the Yucatan Peninsula

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· Governments of Quintana and Yucatan confirm “white balance” in the zones affected by the natural phenomenon

· It is expected that at a time limit of 24 hours they will re-establish the communication routes among the states that integrate the region

MEXICO, D F. (August, 22 2007). After the first evaluation of the aftermath of hurricane Dean, the tourist destinations of Cancun, the Mayan Riviera, Puerto Morelos, Isla Mujeres and Cozumel, as well as those of the state of Yucatan, authorities have confirmed that the zone did not suffer damages in its tourist infrastructure.

“Fortunately, the tourist infrastructure in the region is in perfect conditions and in capacity to continue offering its services to the millions of tourists that visit that zone of the country each year”, indicated Francisco Lopez Mena, Director of the Mexico Tourism Board.

According to Mexican officials, zones affected by the hurricane are functioning with normality, including the famous tourist areas of Cancun, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Puerto Aventura, Puerto Morelos and Chetumal.

Despite the fact that the hurricane whipped through the coasts of the southeastern regions of the Mexican Republic, as well as the states of Quintana Roo, Campeche and Yucatan, with winds sustained of more 150 miles per hour, heavy rain and waves, the office of the government secretary has confirmed that fortunately the storm did not leave victims in the Yucatan Peninsula and only caused smaller damages in some local highways.

According to Mexican authorities, the famous tourist spots of Cancun, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, Mérida, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Puerto Aventura and Puerto Morelos are operating as usual. It is for this reason that the Mexico Tourism Board encourages tourists to keep their vacations plans in these areas.

Based on official information and according to the latest reports, the airports of Cancun as well as those of Cozumel and Chetumal have resumed their normal operations, despite being shut down as part of the preparations before the imminent arrival of the hurricane.

In turn, the Cancun Visitors and Convention Bureau has reported that the majority of tourists that spent the night in the popular destination, remained in their hotels and continue to enjoy their vacations along the beach.

“The lessons we learned with hurricane Wilma allowed us, at this time, to take all the pertinent measures to achieve the effective evacuation of tourists and residents, and at the same time minimize the impact of the coastal zones of the peninsula”, added López Mena.

According to the Director, “the appropriate organizations and immediate action on the part of the federal and state authorities, have contributed to the fast recovery and relief of residents and tourists, and has even permitted the government of Mexico to set forth a plan of promotion directed to the main international markets, in order to revive travel.”

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  1. I’m not sure quite what to make of the “white balance” comment from the government. I’d hate to think it has anything in common with “tabula rasa” but since I know Cancun is still physically there, my mind rests easy in that respect. “White balance”, huh… Somewhere in the universe there must be a better translation for that and you’d think their nifty new public relations company would have it. If they’re referring to “saldo blanco” I do think “zero casualties” would have covered it a bit better…

  2. I have to comment some more. After carefully reading through the entire release (I must admit I was blinded by the “white balance” and didn’t read much further) I have to ask the Consejo: Just how did you find your new public relations agency and why oh why are you paying them? I would have fired them on the spot for such a literal translation. ¡Ay Dios mio! Oy vey!

  3. Thank you, Mexico Premiere and Lola for sharing this news item and the news about the news.

    Questions – Where was this news first reported? Is the initial reference online?

    As a point of reference, there is nothing about the hurricane online the Visit Mexico Newsroom

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