Montreal, May 19th, 2009

The Mexico Tourism Board is pleased to announce that the travel warning of the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Ministry of Canada has been removed from the Mexican travel report. This announcement was made after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lifted its travel warning against all nonessential travel to Mexico.

The International Health organizations congratulate and encourage the initiatives of the Mexican Federal Government. Just recently, the World Tourism Organization recognized the efforts of the Mexico Government for having confronted “the appearance of the Influenza A (H1N1) virus in a serious and responsible manner” and declared that Mexico’s response could be considered as a benchmark. As the well, the Public Health Agency of Canada will cease some measures such as distributing health alert notices to passengers on direct flights to Mexico and having quarantine officers meet every direct flight entering Canada from Mexico.

“Mexico’s government and tourism authorities are very satisfied with the decision taken by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) … to lift the H1N1 influenza alert against nonessential travel to Mexico. Our main priority continues to be the safety of our citizens and visitors, and with evidence that the flu appears to be less threatening than originally thought, Mexico is ready to welcome back all of its visitors and offer them the hospitality and services that have always distinguished us,” said Rodolfo Elizondo, Mexico’s Minister of Tourism.

“…Mexico is known for its capacity of coming out of tough situations even stronger, and this will not be the exception. The travel industry -at all levels- is ready to offer its visitors what they come here for: diversity, culture, relaxation, luxury, adventure, world class infrastructure and most importantly, the best service in the world,” added Oscar Fitch, CEO of the Mexico Tourism Board.

“Furthermore, Mexico appreciates the efforts and cooperation shown by the Canadian Government through the Health Public Agencies from the beginning of the outbreak, and we are very pleased on the decision taken a few hours ago to lift the travel recommendation on avoiding non essential trips to Mexico. We count on all of our partners in Canada. They have expressed outstanding support during these challenging times. The uniqueness of Mexico will always remain the same and we welcome back our always loyal Canadian tourists,” expressed Alfonso Sumano, Regional Director for Canada of the Mexico Tourism Board.

Mexico will always be beyond your expectation!

For more information on the precautions advised by the CDC and Foreign Affairs and International Trade of Canada, visit their website at and