#MexicoMonday: Viva Web 2.0!

by Ron Mader

It’s Mexico Monday!

How to update the Mexico Guide on Planeta.com? Get more feedback from locals and visitors, particularly via photo sharing on Flickr, videos on YouTube, bookmarks on Delicious and posting news on Twitter. It’s all about using Web 2.0 to connect locals and visitors. Here are some practical tips.

On Delicious — http://delicious.com — here are some of my favorite bookmarks for DF and Mexico. It’s easy to create your own account and add me to your network. This is an easy way to skim favorite sites and news stories.

On Flickr — http://www.flickr.com — check out the following groups:

On YouTube — http://www.youtube.com — are lessons on saying ‘good morning’ in Mixe and a classic trio interpretation of El Trio.

On Twitter — http://twitter.com — just add ‘#mexicomonday’ to your tweet which others can search or see on Visible Tweets.

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