Mexico’s Folk Wisdom

MP News Staff

Here are some great proverbs that capture the dichotomy and mystery that is Mexico. We found these in a cool little book, “Folk Wisdom of Mexico”, by Jeff M. Sellers, published by Chronicle Books in San Francisco in 1994.

En boca cerrado no entran moscas
Flies don’t enter a closed mouth.

Dios les da el dinero a los ricos, porque si no lo tuvieran, se moririan de hambre.
God gives money to the wealthy because without it, they would starve to death.

La amistad sincera es un alma repartida en dos cuerpos.
True friendship is one soul shared by two bodies.

Mas vale morir parado que vivir de rodillas.
Better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

El que mucha abarca, poco aprieta.
He who grabs much grasps little.

Un hambre sin alegria no es bueno o no esta buenos.
A man without happiness is either not good or not well.

Quien todo lo quiere todo lo pierde.
He who wants everything will lose everything.

El tiempo cura y nos mata.
Time heals and then it kills.

El muchacho malcriado dondequiera encuentra padre.
The ill-mannered child finds a father wherever he goes.

Aunque la jaula sea de oro, no deja der ser prision.
Though the cage be made of gold, it’s still a prison.