Mexico’s Wealthiest People

MP Mexico News Staff

Forbes, the magazine of the business class, has released their annual list of the world’s richest folks. Warren Buffett (related to Jimmy, so we’re guessing he’s a good guy) tops the list at $62 billion, which, and we digress, is the tab for 5 months of Iraq war costs to the U.S. taxpayer. Mexico’s I-sell-everything Carlos Slim moved ahead of Bill Gates at # 2, with $60 billion.  But he is not the only Mexican to make the billionaire cut. Alberto Bailleres, chairman of Industrias Penoles, is # 85 in the world with $9.8 billion.

The rest of Mexico billionaires are:
#3  German Larrea Mota-Velasco     $7.3 billion     Grupo Mexico
#4  Ricardo Salinas Pliego                   $6.3 billion     Grupo Electra
#5  Jeronimo Arango                           $4.3 billion     TV Azteca
#6  Isaac Saba Raffoul                         $2.1 billion     Bodega Aurrera
#7  Roberto Hernandez                       $1.7 billion     Former CEO Banamex, Resorts
#8  Emilio Azcarraga Jean                  $1.6 billion     Grupo Televisa
#9  Alfredo Harp Helu                         $1.6 billion     Slim’s cousin, DF baseball team
#10Lorenzo Zambrano                       $1.5 billion      Cemex CEO

Notably absent from the list are the drug cartel bosses, who presumably don’t divulge that information. For the complete Forbes list, with profiles, click to

4 thoughts on “Mexico’s Wealthiest People”

  1. man if i had all that money i wouldnt know what to do with it…
    I think i Would donate some of it to poeple who really need it…im only 16 so i guess that i would do that.

  2. You’re heart is in the right place, Maria. But remember, you don’t have to have millions to help someone in need. I sponsor a couple of kids through ChildFund – a few dollars each month and it helps them and their families immensely. If you can’t do that, volunteer at a local family shelter. Maybe they need part time babysitting so mom’s can go find a job. Little things add up to big things, Maria—congratulations again for even thinking about it!!

  3. It is said of my dads side his mother of the Narvaez family said one of her sisters makes”earns” over 177 million dollars a year during the 1980’s and since the early 1980’s earn over 150 to 170 million dollars a year and she was considered and still considered the richest lady of Mexico City in Mexico and she shares a television station there and shes the owner and in 1968 the Olympic games were held there and her station had televised the Brazil game of the soccer world tournament and starring Pele etc. and she and the Narvaez family are considered the most protective or important familys of Mexico City and earns had developed from an oil industry she owns etc. and from a oil hole and fountain that her mom had found. It would estimate of her earns to(over)3.5 billion dollars for the two first decades she had earned a year. One of the richest ladys earns over a billion dollars( a year) in Mexico and had lived in Mexico City and not a resident and etc. and one of the richest ladys of Mexico and not from Mexico City.

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