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David Simmonds

Everyone at home thought I was nuts as I packed my bags in preparation for my flight last Sunday to Acapulco. The flu news was just starting to ramp up and no one really knew how it would all play out. Although not especially concerned, I placated my wife and kids by picking up a box of surgical masks from the local drug store as my wife slipped some gel crap in my carry on that I was instructed to wash my hands with every time I touched anything or anyone. I did remember to use it once somewhere in my 3-hour Mexico City layover, allowing me a guilt free trip.

It soon became apparent that other, brighter people, were taking this more seriously that I was, fueled by the sensational media news that is always looking for a story where thousands might die, if only…

Fortunately, when I finally arrived in Acapulco, it was pretty much business as usual – which means it was quite fabulous. Yes, the attendance was a little less than previous years, but the energy and hospitality displayed by the original tourist town in Mexico was top notch. In the face of what could have been an economic disaster, the organizers and participants refused to be bowed. It could have understandably been a dejected and morose setting, but that would not have been the Mexico I know. Problem? We have no problems, my friend, merely a small challenge that we can handle. And handle it they did. Business deals got done, new friendships forged, and old friends reaquainted. Soon, you felt a special camaraderie among everyone there, brought together in a rare circumstance, all making the best of an uncertain situation. They could have just canceled the whole thing, called it off, but they didn’t. And that is oneĀ  reason why I love Mexico, this country that drives forward, always looking ahead.