MTB Celebrates Anniversary in Washington DC

MP Mexico News Staff

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 24th 2008– After one year of successful operations, The Mexico Tourism Board is celebrating the anniversary of the Strategic Business Unit in Washington, D.C. headed by Eduardo Chaillo, (Director of the Strategic Business Unit for the MTB in U.S. & Canada).  In the past year, the office has strengthened its operations in the US and Canada market by successfully promoting Mexico as a premier destination.

The Strategic Business Unit is comprised of a team of specialized professionals, who work together to coordinate the operation and strategies for the MTB’s eight offices located throughout the US and Canada. Chaillo is proud to report that in the past year, strategic alliances and partnerships have been formed with key players in the North American travel industry including meeting industry companies such as: the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE,) Meeting Professionals International ( MPI), Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) and SITE and influential names within the luxury and leisure travel sector such as: Virtuoso, Ensemble, Expedia and National Geographic Traveler..

“We are delighted to celebrate the first anniversary of our office in Washington, D.C. In just twelve short months, we’ve improved our approach within the association and tour operator market, and have worked directly with the Mexican Embassy to put tourism issues alongside the government’s agenda” said Chaillo. He reinforces that this is only the beginning of what he foresees to become a flourishing market. “Even though, it’s only been a year, we will continue working hard to ensure that the Mexico Tourism Board will dominate tourism promotion with business, partners and clients throughout the U.S. and Canada” Added Chaillo.

The northeast region of the United States is one of Mexico’s most important international tourism feeder markets because of its population density and per-capita income. With that, the office has been successful in encouraging tourism among educational institutions, and most importantly, making tourism affairs an important subject on the political agenda.

With the collaboration of the other Mexico Tourism Board offices throughout the U.S. and Canada, the Strategic Business Unit has achieved a meaningful presence in national, regional, and international forums in which intermediaries have learned that Mexico’s tourism alternatives are beyond anyone’s expectations.