My Blue Heaven

by Lola

My idea of “blue” is as varied as the entry in Roget’s: azure, beryl, cerulean, cobalt, indigo, navy, royal, sapphire, teal, turquoise, ultramarine… Mexico’s idea of blue is its ever-changing Caribbean Sea, a brilliant interpretation of just about every shade Roget thought possible. I know it sounds corny, but wait till you see it out of your airplane window. You won’t believe your eyes.

Taking a cue from the blue and cashing in on the trend towards upscale boutique properties with fab service and great sheets, AZUL BLUE HOTEL + SPA by Karisma in Tulum (that would be in the Riviera Maya, down a ways from Cancun, and yes, still part of the Mexican Caribbean) opened its doors to rave reviews (and with only 97 rooms, managed to stay just south of the usual all-inclusive behemoth radar. What? Did I say “all-inclusive”??? Ya betcha, yeah. They do have the ubiquitous “activities directors”, but they really, really, try hard to shed the AI stigma. Service, check. Great food, check (they call it “Gourmet-Inclusive”). Sexy accommodations, check. Ab fab spa, check. Beach-side bar swings, check. Hot beach butlers, check.

Anyway, I’d rather not sound like a runaway commercial and let you know that you, too, can go Blue—and for less green—thanks to their great new promotion:

• Guests staying at Azul Blue between Jun. 25th – Aug. 10,
2007 receive a 20% Summer Special Discount

• Guests staying at Azul Blue between Aug. 11 – Dec. 23, 2007
receive a 25% Fall Special Discount

• Guests staying at Azul Blue between Jan. 2, 2008 – Apr. 30,
2008 receive a 20% Winter Early Booking Bonus Discount

Hard to beat with a stick, especially when you consider that Azul Blue made the Condé Nast Traveler’s 2007 “Hot List.” Summer rates (Jun. 25 – Aug. 10, 2007) begin at $235 per person, per night; Fall rates (Aug. 11 – Dec. 23, 2007) begin at $220 per person, per night; and Winter rates (Jan. 2 – Apr. 30, 2008) begin at $235 per person, per night.

Treat yourself to some serious Blues by calling 888-280-8810 or check in online at